Saturday, October 11, 2008


First of all, wishing you Hepi Celebrating Eid-Ul Fitr..huhu what a very nice things when we can be together with our beloved family and enjoy it with eating, talking, and etc...huhu really appreciate that time that we have!!!
Nice talking about Aidilfitri the most valuable day for muslims and of course for sure for us and for me because only with this moment I can be together with all my siblings my brothers, my sisters and my lovely parents..huhu this time is for my house being port that we are be together because before this for Aidilfitri all my brothers and my sisters they are celebrating Aidilfitri with their mother and father in-law, so this time is really precious for us to enjoy it!!!
for this Aidilfitri we are celebrating it with buying a new sofa and curtains that colour is orange..huhu very nice things!! really like this colour!! i'm so satisfied when looking at my parents they are looking so happy not because their daughter buy the sofa, curtains and refrigerator but they can be with lovely son and daughter..
This time we are continue our Aidilfitri like before..visiting our relatives and neighbour also not forgetting our late grandfather and grandmother..hope they are happy at there...
for first Aidilfitri at the morning we are going to mosque for praying and after that we ask the forgiveness from each other especially from our beloved parents for the sins that we have done..really touching this oldest sisters always be the first who crying..hehe really ashame when her daughter ask her why she is crying..huhu
whatever it is i'm so happy because until now i'm still get "duit raye'...hahaha really thankful to person who gave that!!!hahaha
last but not least i'm very happy because can celebrating with my beloved family...

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